Konti Leci

CEO, ALKO Short Term Rentals

While a licensed Realtor, my focus has been real estate investing since 2018. Since then I have been buying and selling properties and also built a small portfolio. I decided to turn some of these properties into Short Term Rentals. In the beginning I hired a successfull property manager where he was gracious enough to let me learn how to manage Short Term Rentals, until I was ready to go on my own.

Due to customer service background, my strenth is to provide excellent customer service and to go above and beyond for our guests. Our motto is: “Go that extra mile”.

Our mission is to craft a memorable experience by walking that extra mile for each and every guest. We seek to build lasting relationships with our guests through our pursuit of exellence in communication and customer service.

We stay true to our mission and strive to become better every day.